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Course Introduction
Welcome to this course
What you can expect from this Course – No Fluff or filler

Domain Names – Things to know about domains before you decide on one…
Keep your domain name short, sweet (number of characters) and real easy to remem
.com .net .co.uk – here are the general meanings of these Domains
Not just .com – You can now also register these new range of cool domain exten
SEO Factor 1 – Register your Domain name for as long as you can 1st time around
SEO Factor 2 – Placing Keywords within your Domain Names
Domain Names – Registering a Domain & making sense of them
What exactly is a Domain Names
Registering A Domain Name
Changing your domains Name servers to point to your Website Hosting

Website Hosting – a guide
So what exactly is Website Hosting?
What to look for in a Web Host
How to choose a web host according to your needs

Buying Domain and Hosting the Domain
How to buy a Domain
Guidelines and checklist before starting a business or buying a domain
How to Host a Site
Practically hosting site in the class

Connecting the ‘dots’…Domains & Website Hosting, How it all works
You can easily change web hosts once you OWN & control your Domain Name
How it all works – How Domain Names connect to Website Hosting
Course Conclusion
It’s time to Wrap up

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