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  • What is Digital Marketing ?

    Answer: Digital Marketing is a technique of marketing a product of service to a target audience using Digital Channels.
  • Who all can learn Digital Marketing course?

    Answer: Anybody can learn Digital Marketing course. If you want to learn it for getting a job, then graduation in any field is required.
  • Any pre-requisites needed ?

    Answer: Whoever is learning Digital Marketing course, should be used to social media like Facebook and Emails. He or she should be used to Google searches as well.
  • What all Certifications involved in Digital Marketing Course?

    Answer: Digital Marketing Bridge helps you to get certification in the below courses:

    AdWords Fundamentals
    Search Advertising
    Display Advertising
    Mobile Advertising
    Video Advertising
    Shopping Advertising
    Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
    Facebook Marketing
    Content Marketing Certification
    HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

  • Is this course helpful to build a project for my curriculum ?

    Answer: Yes. Our projects can be used for your academic curriculum.

Other Questions

  • Placement Assistance is Provided ?

    Answer: Yes 100% placement assistance will be provide. Our HR team will be helping you get placed in a good company. Our courses are designed in such a way that our trainees clears interview easily and get hired by companies.
  • What are the Course Delivery Modes ?

    Answer: Right now we are providing only classroom training’s.
  • Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business ?

    Answer: Yes social media marketing will help your business. There are main popular social media’s and most of the worlds population is registered in one or the other social media. Where there is people, theirs is an opportunity to market a product or service. Hence, social media is the prefect place to plan your strategy.
  • Do I need SEO ?

    Answer: It depends on your career goals. If you are an entrepreneur then you need SEO for growing your business. If you are a student and you are planning to be a successful Digital Marketer, then SEO is a must thing..! SEO is a part of Digital Marketing.

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