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We train students / entrepreneurs on SEO techniques and also on the website design. The following are the topics that we cover under SEO training:

History of Search & Introduction to SEO
Evolution & Growth of Search Engines
How Google Work’s – Basics of SEO
Periodic Table of SEO success factors

Understanding Website Design & Architecture
Decoding the Present Website
Understanding the web positions
Identifying the Issues Present in the website

Digital Marketing and SEO Basics
What is Digital Marketing?
Factors to measure advertising performance
Digital marketing channels (SEO, SEM and SMM)
Benefits of SEO
How the search engine works?
Google Search Architecture
Ranking methodology
Understanding the SERP and Search Operators
Search algorithm updates
Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird update
Latest search updates and predictions

WordPress CMS with HTML/CSS Basics
HTML Basics
CSS Basics
Why WordPress ?
WordPress Installation on Server
Understanding the Dashboard
Changing the default Settings
Installing and customizing themes
Content management in WP
Creating categories, pages and posts
Adding menu to site
Adding widgets to site
Installing useful plugins for site features
SEO specific plugins

Buying Domain and Hosting the Domain
How to buy a Domain
Guidelines and checklist before starting a business or buying a domain
How to Host a Site
Practically hosting site in the class

SEO Friendly Design & Architecture
Thinking before designing a website (goals, strategies & measurement models)
Mobile responsive / adaptive design
Importance of HTTPs
Site schema (rich snippets) & architecture

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
Importance of keywords in seo
Analysis of keywords for a particular company
Research on keywords
Different types of keywords
Analysis of keywords using google adwords
Competitor analysis
Fitting right keywords to the project

Business Analysis
Understanding the Business
Understanding the Business Pages

Onpage Optimization
How is on page optimization important in SEO
Web layout structure
Codes used in website
Design factors and guidelines
Differences between dynamic and static sites?
Domain name optimization
File name and folder name and URL optimization
Title tag optimization
Meta tags optimization
How to write meta description
Meta robots
Header optimization
Footer optimization
Anchor link optimization
Content writing for seo
Site maps submission
Image optimization
URL optimization
Dynamic site optimization techniques:
WordPress SEO

Off Page Optimization
Introduction to off page optimization
Factors affecting offsite optimization
Importance of offsite optimization
Current scenario of search engine optimization
On page optimization versus off page optimization
How to build links?
Type of linking methods
Link checking tools
Directory submissions
Social book marking in SEO
Posting classifieds
Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
Local listing
Importance of social buttons and social media in SEO
Press release submission in seo

Content marketing basics & its importance
Directory submissions
Local listings
Niche backlinking via influencers & articles
Social bookmarking
Press Release optimization

Algorithm Updates
Search Algorithm overview
Keeping track of algorithm updates

Black Hat SEO Techniques
Hidden Content
Keyword Stuffing
Doorway pages
Sneaky Redirects

Penguin Recovery Process
How to know whether we are hit with update
Tools for generating link reports
Link pruning process
DisAvow Tool

Google Webmaster Tool ( Search Console )
Adding a Site and Verification Process
Geographic Settings
URL Parameters
Site Links
Crawl Errors / Stats
Google Fetch
Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
Search Analytics
Links to Site / Internal Links
Remove URLS from index
HTML Suggestions
Content Keywords

Google Analytics
Installing Analytics in Site
Generating Reports
Goals and Conversions

SEO Diagnosis & Report Generation
SEO Reporting Tools
SEO Diagnosis Chart
SEO proposal to the Clients
SEO Report card generation
SEO Review

The Future of SEO
Voice search
Augmented & Virtual Reality
Wearable devices & latest tech
Semantic web

Website Monetization
How Adsense Works
Adsense Guidelines
Website ideas for online earning
Understanding Adsense dashboard
Different types of payment model (CPC and CPM)
Types of Ad Formats
How to choose correct ad formats
How to select profitable niche
Tracking multiple website with channels
Blocking competitor ads on our site
Reporting and Analysis
Integration of Adsense with Youtube Channel
Linking Adsense with Analytics
Other Ad Networks
Affiliate marketing networks

SEO Implementation On Live Project
Designing the SEO Strategy
Understanding the Business Pages
Understanding the Competitors
Implementing SEO
Generating SEO Reports

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