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The courses covered under SMM Training is listed below:

Introduction to Social Media
What is Social Media
Benefits of using SMM
Social Media Statistics
Why use Social Media Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Impact of Social Media on SEO

Social Media Optimization
What is social media Optimization and Marketing?
How is it important for business?
How can social media be integrated with the website?’
Case studies on various social media
User engagement statics
Discussing about various surveys conducted by top social media organizations
Different social media platforms
Making a research on our country ,gender and location wise statistics of social media various platform users
Decoding brands

Facebook Marketing
Importance of facebook in branding a product
How can facebook leverage the business
Facebook Page Creation
Group creation
Advt creation
Event creation
Facebook updates
Facebook resources
Facebook top 15 brands case study
Facebook APi integration
Facebook layout
Facebook hidden buttons.
Facebook tricks
Facebook content creation strategy
How to improve Engagement ( likes ,share and comments )
How to build your brand on facebook
Facebook budget management
Hash tags

Facebook advertising
Sponsored posts
Sponsored stories
Sponsored events
Facebook Advertising
What is Facebook Advertising
Types of Promotions
Audience Targeting
Advanced Audience Targeting
Bidding Strategies
Ad Formats
Ad Dimensions and Rules
Remarketing Strategy
Conversion Tracking

Sponsored likes
Importance of twitter in building brand and business
Fan engagement in twitter
Creation of twitter profile
Writing search engine content as bio for twitter
Hash tags
How to engage with users on twitter
How to integrate twitter with other social networking sites
Case studies on twitter

LinkedIn Marketing
What is LinkedIn?
Benefits of LinkedIn Network
Create a LinkedIn profile
Optimizing the profile
Skills and Endorsements
Recommendations in LinkedIn
Creating new connections
Posting content in profile
LinkedIn Groups
Finding Jobs in Linkedin
Creating company page
Customization of page
Posting in LinkedIn Page
Advertising in LinkedIn
Group creation
User engagemen

Pinterest Marketing
What is Pinterest?
How brands use Pinterest
Creating a Pinterest Account
Customizing the Profile
Pinterest Strategy
Boards in Pinterest
Pins and Links
Generating Engagements
Using Info Graphics
Integrating Pinterest in Site
Engagement Metrics for Pins
Pinterest Analytics
Importance of Pinterest in Digital Marketing

InstaGram Marketing
What is InstaGram
InstaGram statistics
How Brands use InstaGram
Creating InstaGram Account
Tour of InstaGram App
Content strategy and Tips
Picture Dimensions
Filters in InstaGram
Using Hashtags
Popular Brands on InstaGram
Advertising options in InstaGram
Importance of Instagram in Digital Marketing

YouTube Marketing
What is Video Marketing
Statistics of Video Marketing
Creating Channel in YouTube
Customizing the YouTube Channel
Create video marketing strategy
Viral video examples
Upload the first video
How to optimize the video
Custom settings in videos
YouTube Engagement Metrics
Increasing Subscribers
Annotations and Cards
How to use Playlists
Understanding copyrights and spam
YouTube Studio
YouTube Analytics
How to give keywords to appear videos in top search results of youtube and Google
How to Increase Views And Subscribers

Google+ Marketing
Benefits of Google+ in SEO
Creating Profile
Managing Connections
Creating Google+ Page
Types of Pages
Content Strategy and Statistics
Posting on Google+
Increasing the Reach and Followers
Linking Google+ with Site
Google+ Badge Integration
Google+ Groups

Discussion on other Social Media Channels
Opportunity of other Social Media Channels (e.g. SlideShare, Pinterest, Google+)
Open discussion on approach to leverage them

Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy
How to choose relevant Social Media channels?
Creating multi-channel Social Media strategy
Resource Planning: In-house vs Outsource, Key competencies, Tools etc

Social Media Analytics And Automation
Importance of Social Media Automation
Various Social Media Automation and Analytical tools

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