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Introduction to YouTube Video Marketing
What is video marketing.
Why video marketing.
YouTube as the best video marketing platform.
Future of video marketing.
How we can get benefited from video marketing using YouTube as the platform.

YouTube Home Page, YouTube Trends, YouTube Trends Dashboard
Homepage Layout.
How to access channel or a video.
How to search YouTube channels and/ or videos using YouTube filters.
What is YouTube trends.
How videos trend on YouTube.
How we can take advantage of YouTube trends.
What is YouTube trends dashboard.
Why all of us have different dashboard.
Dashboard importance.

YouTube Channel Creation and Channel Features
How to choose a name for a YouTube channel.
What are the Other requirements for channel creations.
Right way to enter into a YouTube channel.
Various features a channel offers and how to use those features properly.

YouTube Channel Verification, YouTube Channel Advanced Settings and Channel Branding
Types of YouTube channel verifications.
How to get YouTube channel verified quick and easy.
Advantages of verified YouTube channel.
YouTube channel settings and their usages.
Advanced YouTube channel settings.
How to set default upload settings.
YouTube channel keywords.
Country selection setting.
Channel branding.
Channel art.
Channel banner.
Channel intro.
Channel ontro.
Channel art, banner, intro and ontro optimization.
How to create all of these or get it done at low cost.
How to write a catchy channel description.

Optimization of Video File
How to optimize and upload video files on YouTube.
Proper ways to upload video, pictures and audio files.
Video formats and specification laid by YouTube.
How to name a video file.
How to properly optimize a video file for uploading.

YouTube Video Enhancements, YouTube Video Editor and Third Party Video Software
How to enhance video after uploading on a channel.
How to use YouTube help for video enhancements.
How to edit audio and video through YouTube video editor.
How to make video and slide shows through YouTube video editor.
How to edit video and audio using third-party software.

YouTube Audio
How to use Audio.
Where to get low cost audio.
Free audios.
How to record audio and edit it.

Video Frame Rate and Speed Optimization
What is YouTube video frame rate and speed.
What is the optimum frame-rates for different niches.

YouTube Keyword Research
What is keyword.
Why keywords are important for video ranking.
High, medium and low competitive Youtube keywords.
How to find profitable keywords for YouTube and Google ranking.
Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool.
UberSuggest tool.
LSI Graph tool.
Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI).
KEI calculation.
Google trends.

YouTube Video Title, Description, Tag and Thumbnail Optimization
What is optimum length of a YouTube video title.
How to write a catchy title with keywords.
What should be the minimum length of YouTube video description.
How to optimize YouTube video description.
What are the components of good YouTube video description.
URL and social media linking.
What is YouTube video tag.
How it is related to video ranking.
How to find suitable tags.
How to find other videos’ tags.
Google and YouTube tag generator.
VidIQ online tool.
Why YouTube video thumbnail is important for video ranking and more views.
How to create custom video thumbnail quick and easy.
How to get custom thumbnail outsourced at low cost.

YouTube URL Management and Embedding
How to associate Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social profiles with YouTube channels.
How to add other YouTube channels with the present one.
How to shorten custom URL.
How to embed YouTube video on a website.
How to customize the embedding player.

Annotation, End Card, Transcription and Caption (CC)
What is Call to Action.
How to create YouTube video annotation.
What is End Card, why it is important.
What is CC.
Why CC is important for video SEO.
How we can do it ourselves or how to get it done at minimum cost.

Like and Subscribers
What are the effects of video likes and dislikes on a YouTube video.
How to get more likes on a video.
What is YouTube channel subscriber.
Why subscribers are important.
How to increase YouTube subscribers.
How to convert YouTube subscribers into followers.

YouTube Play Lists and YouTube Live
What is YouTube playlists.
How to create play lists.
How to get more watch time through play-lists.
What is YouTube Live or YouTube Hangout.
How to broadcast live on YouTube.
What are the effects of YouTube live on video ranking.

YouTube Video Comments, Link Building With Comments, Influencer Marketing and Channel Collaboration
Why video comments are important.
How to comment on own and other videos.
How to get comments on a video.
How to start a discussion through comments.
How to build links through comments.
What is influencer marketing.
How to find YouTube influencer.
What are the advantages of influencer marketing and channel collaboration on YouTube.
How to find collaborators for YouTube channel.

YouTube Community Guidelines
What are YouTube community guidelines.
What are community guideline strikes.
How to avoid community guideline strike.

YouTube Copyright
What is YouTube copyright.
How it is different from other copyrights.
What is copyright strike.
How to avoid YouTube copyright strike.
What is YouTube content ID, and how we can get it.

How to Rank Videos on Google and Foreign Languages (YouTube)
Why we need to rank on Google.
How to generate business leads through it.
How businesses can take advantages of this.
How to rank videos on Youtube non-English languages, like German, French etc.

YouTube Channel Authority
What is channel authority in YouTube.
What are the advantages of YouTube channel authority.
How to build YouTube channel authority.

How to Choose Channel Niches in YouTube
What are the factors to keep in our mind before we choose a niche.
What are the trending niches.
Few of the best niches to start a YouTube channel.
How to create good quality video.
What are the basic requirements for a quality video.
How to keep the video production cost minimum.

Other Video Hosting Sites
Other video hosting sites, like Facebook, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Meta Cafe etc.
How to host videos in these sites.
What are the requirements and limitations for hosting.
Paid and free video hosting sites.

YouTube Feedback and YouTube Alert
How to communicate with YouTube.
What are the various ways to contact YouTube.
What are the right ways to email YouTube.
How to reply in copyright claims, copyright strikes and community guideline issues.
What is YouTube alert.
Where to find YouTube alerts.

How to Promote YouTube Videos on Various Social Media Sites
What are the right ways to promote YouTube videos on Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.
How to direct followers or subscribers to YouTube channel.

YouTube Analytics
How to check YouTube videos from different sources, demographics, countries.
How to check video watch time.
YouTube video analytics filters (devices, annotations, end cards, playlists, likes, dislikes, subscribers, keywords).
How to build YouTube video marketing strategies using YouTube analytics data.

Landing Page Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization
What is landing page.
What is Call to Action.
Best features of a highly convert-able landing page.
Landing page design guidelines.
What is conversion rate optimization (CRO).
Call to Action placement.
How to optimize conversion rate.

Dos and Don’ts on YouTube, YouTube Ethics
What are the don’ts on YouTube, how to avoid, and the consequences.
How to avoid YouTube penalties.

YouTube Marketing Projects From YouTube and Other Online Market Places
How to get prospective client leads from YouTube itself.
How to get YouTube channel management projects.
Youtube consultation and freelancing.
Online market places.

Monetize YouTube Channels and Videos
Google Adsense.
How to use Google Adsense.
How to choose YouTube networks.
How to monetize YouTube videos and channels through YouTube networks.
YouTube red.
YouTube fan funding.
YouTube subscription based membership.
YouTube brand association.

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