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Intro to Web Analytics, Usability Conversion
What’s analysis?
Is analysis worth the effort?
Small businesses
Medium and large scale businesses
Analysis vs intuition
What is web analytics?
Getting started with Google Analytics
How Google Analytics works
Accounts, profiles, and users
What is web analytics, usability and conversion

Web Analytics
Section Intro: What’ We’re Going to Cover
Is web analysis worth the trouble?
Options for tracking your web analytics
Getting started with web analytics (and Google Analytics)
Navigating the basic metrics (in Google Analytics)
Reviewing your website analytics

Creating Your Website Goals & Measurement Plan
Section Intro: What’ We’re Going to Cover
How to create a measurement plan and what to measure
Using key performance indicators to track your progress
Tracking your website and business goals
Using visitor segmentation to understand the different types of visitors
How to use funnel visualization to see how visitors go through your sales proces
Specific analytics for e-commerce sites
Additional metrics to set-up and track

Making Web Analytics Actionable
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
How to set-up and use actionable web analytics reports
Creating custom web analytic reports to match your business goals
Integrating analytics into your business

Usability & User Experience
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
The difference between usability and user experience (UX)
Winning principles of website usability
Winning principles of website usability, continued
What bounce rate tells you about your site’s UX & how to improve engagement

Usability Review: Testing Your Website For User Experience
Tools for usability testing
Website usability

Conversion Rate Optimization
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
What does your conversion funnel look like?
Real conversion funnel examples
How to prioritize your SEO & CRO efforts
What does keyword research have to do with conversion optimization?
The Importance of Search snippets
Why search traffic doesn’t result in customers

Conversion Trends: Understanding Specific Webpage Elements
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
Web forms That Lead to Conversions
Buttons & Call-to-actions That Attract Clicks
Page length and why it matters
Call tracking & offline lead generation
Pricing pages designed to convert
How your website speed could be effecting business
To use FAQs or not to use
How to personalize your website to the visitor
Using schema to get more clicks from less traffic

E-commerce Conversion
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
Reviewing the e-commerce process
Important product page elements that help sell
Important product page elements that help sell – continued
Understanding shopping cart abandonment & checkout pages
A review of top e-commerce sites

Conversion Research: Getting Feedback From Site Visitors
Section Intro: What We’re Going to Cover
Customer, Web & Exit Surveys
Site walkthroughs, screen resolutions, browsers & devices
How to use live chat to improve conversions
User testing to get inside the mind of the site visitors
What you can learn about conversion from your site’s search box
Gray scale web-page testing

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