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Web Designing Basics
Introduction to Web Technologies
How does the Website work?
Types of Websites (Static, Dynamic and CMS Websites)
Responsive Web Designing
Client and Server Scripting Languages
Domains and Hosting
Web Standards and W3C recommendations
Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles

Intro To Websites
Role of Web Designer
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Block and Inline elements;
HTML Doctype
HTML Image
HTML Hyperlink
HTML Iframes
HTML Entities
HTML Table
HTML Meta tags

CSS Introduction
CSS Selectors
CSS Screen and Print Media
CSS Layouts
CSS Fixed Layout
CSS Liquid Layout
CSS color codes
CSS Text & Fonts Properties
CSS Box Model
CSS Margin
CSS Padding
CSS Border
CSS Outline
CSS Float
CSS Clear
CSS Lists
CSS Pseudo Selectors
Pseudo Class
Pseudo Elements
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Display
CSS Positions
Position Static
Position Relative
Position Absolute
Position Fixed
CSS Drop Down Menu

2 weeks
Adobe Photoshop Intro
Photoshop Tools
Photoshop Layers
Photoshop Filters
Wireframing Tools
Photoshop Grids
12 Grid Layout
Photoshop PSDs

Advance UI Development
Javascript Intro
Javascript Variables
Javascript Comments
Javascript Datatypes
Primitive Datatype
Refrence Datatype
Javascript Strings
JavaScript Numbers
Javascript DOM
DOM Selectors
JavaScript Events
Event Listeners
Event Propagation
Event Bubbling
Event Capturing
Javascript Functions
Javascript Conditions
If else statement
Switch Statement
Javascript Loops
While Loop
Do While Loop
For Loop
For in loop
Javascript Try Catch
Javascript Arrays
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript JSON Object
JavaScript AJAX
Javascript Window Objects
Javascript Screen Objects
Javascript History Objects
Javascript Location Objects
Javascript Navigator Objects
Javascript Date Objects
Javascript Math
Javascript Timing Functions
Javascript Regex Object
Javascript Form Validation
Javascript Cookies
JavaScript Debugging

query Intro
Jquery Download
Jquery Selectors
Jquery Events
Jquery CSS
Jquery Animations
Jquery Plugins
Accordion & Collapsible
Jquery Tabs
Jquery Carousel & sliders
Jquery UI Library
Jquery Lightbox
Jquery Parallax Effect
Jquery Customize
Jquery noconflict

Angular JS
What is Angular JS
Advantage of Angular JS
Setup Angular JS Environment
Angular 1 Vs 2 and 4
What is MVC Architecture
Angular JS Directives
Angular JS Controllers
Angular Form Validation
Angular JS Filters
Angular JS Module

HTML5 Intro
HTML5 New Elements
HTML5 New Attributes
HTML5 Semantic Attributes
HTML5 Audio Tag
Html5 Video tag
HTML5 New Form Elements
HTML5 SVG element
HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Drag and Drop API
HTML5 Geolocation
HTML5 Local & Session Storage
HTML5 Compatibility

CSS3 Intro
CSS3 Selectors
CSS3 Properties
CSS3 Vendor Specific Prefixes
CSS3 Colors
CSS3 Backgrounds
CSS3 Gradients
CSS3 Transformation
CSS3 Transitions
CSS3 Animations
CSS3 Embedded Fonts
CSS3 Multi Column layouts
CSS3 Filter Properties

Domain and Hosting
Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Registering domains
Defining Name Servers
Using Control Panel
Creating Emails in Cpanel
Using FTP Client
Maintaining a Website

Introduction to CMS
Introduction to WordPress
Installation of wordpress application
Installing a theme
Using Dashboard and its components
Creating Pages
Setting Menu
Installing plugins
Editing content
Customizing Techniques

Website Design Project
Clients Requirement Analysis
Planning the Website
Creating the HTML/CSS Structure
Creating project using Bootstrap
Integration of Features using JS and jQuery
Project Testing
Web Designing Resources and Material
Graphics (Icon, Buttons, Backgrounds)
Photoshop (Brushes, Patterns, Textures, Styles, Gradients, Actions)
PSD Templates
Study Material in PDF
Daily Notes in Class
All class examples files on our FTP server space for easy access.
Professional CSS Templates
Professional Flash Templates
100 Stock Photos for Website Work
Java Scripts and Jquery Files (Date, Slideshow, Dropdowns, Modal and Ajax Scripts)
100% Job Assistance till you get placed.
Demo Project in course
Email Support for any issues after the course

Interview Preparation
Build Resume for Web Designer/ UI Developer Profile
Interview Preparations
Interviews Question with Answers
Job Assistance
Conduct Interviews

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